Social networks have become one of the most powerful promotional weapons in the entertainment business. Ultimate Rihanna wants to tell you how/why and encourage all who read us to follow our advice and thus help Rihanna’s projects.

– Follow Rihanna on social networks. (Twitter/Instagram)

– Promote single / disc in your profiles in the different social networks you have. How can you do it? Linking the YouTube video clip to generate new visits, sharing the song from Spotify , Apple Music or any other platform you normally use …

– Acquire your digital music on official platforms (Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, etc.) and in physical format if available. In addition, it is digitally allowed to give songs or albums legally, it is a way to increase sales as well.

– Listen to music from streaming applications ( Spotify, Tidal …). Don’t stream from the same platform you purchased on, for example, if you purchased the album on iTunes, don’t stream it on Apple Music. Because both platforms are from Apple, you aren’t streaming the song, you are listening to your purchased content. I recommend streaming from stream only sites, such as Tidal, YouTube and Spotify.

– Give visits to video clips on YouTube whenever possible, from mobile, computer or television.